The Studio

Gunpowder & Sky is a global studio dedicated to creating, marketing and distributing video content independent of form, genre or platform. Gunpowder & Sky collaborates with both emerging and established talent to generate premium video content ranging from 90-second to 90-minute stories on various platforms. With in-house development, production, marketing and distribution capabilities, the company operates as a full 360-studio and oversees a library of over 1500 titles.

Gunpowder and Sky Distribution (formerly Filmbuff) is the New York-based, award-winning, independent content sales and distribution division of Gunpowder & Sky. Antigravity is the company’s recently announced creative agency and marketing arm.


Based in New York and LA, Gunpowder & Sky Distribution, formerly FilmBuff, is an award winning full-service global sales and distribution company. Gunpowder & Sky Distribution handles distribution of all rights globally for producers, networks, publishers and brands, including festival strategy, theatrical, TVOD/SVOD, and linear television. The company currently oversees a library of over 1500 feature films, series, and shorts.

The company complements its distribution capabilities with in-house marketing and technical resources. Known for its industry-leading information dashboard, Gunpowder & Sky Distribution is able to provide details of content performance across all platforms on a daily basis – underscoring the strong commitment to transparency and collaboration that is one of the company’s founding principles.

For more information, go to filmbuff.com

The Founders

Van Toffler


Floris Bauer


The Team

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